What Is An Emotional Heart Wall?

“Trapped emotions can create a wall around your heart that can block you from living life to the fullest.”

Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code®

More than a decade ago I was working as a corporate trainer and we were learning and teaching the fascinating content of Emotional Intelligence. It was in this setting that I first learned of how incredible and underappreciated the heart is, not only as an organ but as a thinking, feeling mind of its own. Our brains get all the attention and credit for our thinking, yet they are so limited in comparison. Did you know that the brain emits electromagnetic energy? So super cool. They can measure it out about 12 inches past the skull. But hold up. Dr. Bradley Nelson says that the heart “generates sixty to one thousand times more power and electromagnetic energy than your brain.” Pretty significant right? I think this scoots the heart right up to the #1 organ spot!

The research that has gone into studying the heart and its effects on the physical and emotional body has even opened its own branch of medicine known as neurocardiology. The heart is a thinker and so much more than a mere pump like it was thought to be in the early part of the last century.

We really have two brains and scientists have discovered that the brains in our heads are obeying the brains of our hearts. When the brain and the heart are functioning together, the body and mind are at peace, feeling and sending love and appreciation. However, when the brain and the heart are working out of sync, we find ourselves in stress. The electromagnetic signals that the heart sends out are detectable in the brain waves of others. If the heart is impeded in sending information to others and/or to the brain, then we have even more stress.

Dr. Bradley Nelson discovered the Heart Wall and that by releasing each emotion that created it we can put the heart back into open communication and by doing this allow the body, mind and positive heartfelt emotions to function as they are meant to do.

Subconscious Heart Wall

Our hearts feel intensely, and I am sure you have felt that specific twinge when something particularly hard takes place. The subconscious mind wants to protect us and when these intense, visceral feelings emerge during times of strife. Imagine a little child who wants to play, asking again and again to the older sibling “plllaaaaaaaayyyyy with me!!!” and the feeling that ensues when the older, irritated child snaps “you’re so annoying! Go away!” That child’s subconscious mind, along with the heart, thinks ouch! I do not like that feeling at all! So, it decides to prevent the little child from having to feel that twinge in the heart again. It uses excess energy from the body to build a wall around the heart, and what is in excess? Trapped emotional energy that has not been sufficiently felt, or over felt to the point of sticking depending on the individual case. Then up it goes, around the heart, intending to buffer the heart from pain. This happens again and again until there is a wall impeding communication to and from the heart. If after reading this, you’re thinking to yourself, “I have a wall around my heart,” you’re probably right. However, the Emotion Code can help you. By releasing one emotion at a time from the heart wall, it can be removed and its ability to communicate freely, restored.