Bring Balance to Your Energy

When it comes to restorative techniques that are holistic in nature, few are as powerful as energy work. There are a few different forms of this type of relief. Depending on what you are suffering from, some may be more beneficial than others.

Emotion Code Energy Work

This is a patented form of energy work developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Energy work is based on the quantum physics theory that everything is energy, even human emotions are made from energy. Nelson believes that negative emotions have energy that has a lower frequency than that of positive energy. After a traumatic event or an emotional situation, it is easy for the negative energy to become trapped in the body. Frequencies attract each other, like a tuning fork that rings when another of the same key is struck. So trapped emotions resonating at low frequencies, such as shame, will draw more of what it is like toward it. This is why sometimes we feel like everything around us makes us angry, or we become embarrassed easily, or that no matter what we do we just can’t trust people because they always betray us. Shame, anger and betrayal all vibrate at low frequencies and the more emotions that are trapped in the body resonating low, the more we can attract.

Dr. Nelson believes that when the normal balance of energy in the body is interfered with in this way, by a blockage of positive energy or a buildup of negative, potentially severe consequences could result, ranging from feelings of discomfort to even the failure of organs. The Emotion Code® is his way of addressing all this.