What is Muscle Testing

The Emotion Code is a process used to help us release trapped emotions. When we experience negative events, our emotions can get trapped and cause imbalances emotionally, mentally or physically.

Releasing those emotions has the potential to help us feel better. Energy practitioners use muscle testing to find imbalances in the body that might keep us from being happy and healthy.

What Is Muscle Testing?

One of the elements of The Emotion Code is muscle testing because it allows the practitioner to get answers and information from the subconscious mind through the muscles, as they produce negative or positive responses, thus discovering information that allows negative trapped emotions to be released.

Muscle testing is a process that uses muscles to find out which substances, energies, thoughts or emotions are making our muscles test weaker or stronger. Trained practitioners know how to use the body to unlock the subconscious mind and ask the body what it needs.