Unblock Your Spiritual Energy

Many people find that their emotional well-being and their spiritual well-being are tied closely together. When feeling emotionally drained, you’ll often find yourself feeling a sense of spiritual discontent. However, releasing trapped emotions throughout the body can often help rectify this, allowing you to feel more emotionally in-tune with your spirituality. Determining the emotion that is blocking your connection with your spirituality, however, is most easily accomplished with the assistance of an Emotion Code professional.

Determining What Emotion Is Blocking Your Spiritual Energy

Our hearts are created to love and be loved. But if there are trapped emotions around the heart, called a heart wall, we are unable to send and accept the love we are created to feel. This can have detrimental results with our spirituality, as many people find that they struggle to connect with something they can’t feel or see.

At different stages in life, people grow and change and challenge the beliefs they were raised with. Sometime people choose to reject religion or spiritual beliefs because of traumatic events like the loss of a loved one and later in life struggle to reconnect with anything bigger or outside of themselves. These blockages may be from the trapped emotions resulting from earlier struggles.

When you meet with your Emotion Code professional, they’ll ask you a series of questions to help determine what emotions are causing your spiritual discontent. Though some clients may feel as though they’re “perfectly fine,” muscles can hang on to various energies for years and even decades without us realizing it. The Emotion Code suggests that the body holds on to negative emotions—and even trapped traumatic memories—that you may have attempted to disregard. To overcome these emotions, an Emotion Code practitioner will ask a variety of questions to help determine the primary emotion blocking your connection to your spirituality.

Treatment With Muscle Testing to help with Spiritual Guidance

Muscle testing allows your Emotion Code practitioner to determine the negative trapped emotions, which often causes a disconnect from your spiritual energy. Once you and your Emotion Code practitioner have determined the emotion, age of the situation and area your body is holding in the emotion, then the emotion can be released, allowing your body and psyche to relax. Then, if you’ve addressed the emotional blockage, you’ll likely find you can reconnect with your spiritual self.

If you feel you’re having a hard time connecting with your spiritual emotions, you may have an issue with an emotional blockage. If you feel that something is keeping you from reaching spiritual ascension, we encourage you to reach out to Christina Kim, our Emotion Code practitioner, today for a session.