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Services, Packages & Pricing

Booking individual sessions, ala carte is an excellent choice for existing clients or first-time clients who would like to experience Emotion Code before deciding on multiple sessions

Booking Packages is excellent for people who would like to plan ahead with their schedule and get a discount for doing so, as well as people who are looking to evaluate and remove larger blockages.

Emotion Code Sessions Include

Emotion Code is a system of identifying and releasing trapped emotions that cause energy blockages in the body. A session includes inquiry into the body and subconscious to discover and remove a heart wall and identifying any issues the client wishes to pursue in order to release emotional baggage from particular events or areas of the body.

  • Check for a heart wall, begin clearing
  • Assess and discover potential areas for clearing, being clearing
  • 20-45 minutes
  • Pricing – $40 per session

Emotion Code Packages

Book a full package now to reduce the price and plan ahead

Body Code Sessions Include

Body Code is an excellent system of energy clearing that expands on Emotion Code and removes trapped emotions, negative energies, and imbalances that block the body from healing itself naturally. Body Code can be applied to release limiting beliefs, help manifest your dreams as well as optimize the body, mind, and spirit for potential health and growth.

  • Full evaluation of body to discover areas of imbalance
  • Assess and discover areas for clearing
  • Removal of energies or misalignments that are trapped or causing an imbalance in the body, mind, or spirit (Including trapped emotions and heart walls)
  • Full reevaluation of the body after a series of sessions to evaluate improvements and further areas of need

Body Code Packages

Book a full package now to reduce the price and plan ahead

Chakra Clearing Includes

Ready to clear the entire energetic and glandular systems to function optimally and give the body the best chance to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Then Chakra Clearing is for you! I use the principles and practices of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code and Body Code to balance and clear each of the seven energy centers of the body. In addition, I discover and clear every physical organ, gland, and system associated with each energy center; allowing each energy center to stay in balance and function optimally.
Sessions include “homework” such as specific meditations, visualizations, prayer, and yoga for each energy center and client’s specific needs and goals.

  • $50 per session, generally takes 6-9 sessions to clear all seven energy centers
  • 20-45 min per session
  • Each session will clear and balance one Chakra, beginning at the Root Chakra and completing with the Crown Chakra

Chakra Clearing Packages

Book a full package now to reduce the price and plan ahead

Pet Clearing Sessions Include

Animals experience emotions as humans do, and they also can become trapped causing behavioral and health issues. In a pet clearing session first, a heart wall will be removed if present, and then the practitioner and owner discuss and discover areas to clear and work to clear the energy blockages.

  • Search for a heart wall and clear if present
  • Clear any trapped emotions related to behavior and/or emotional problems
  • 20-45 min sessions
  • $20 per pet session, per pet

Emotion Code Packages

Book a full package now to reduce the price and plan ahead


Family & Friends Discounts Emotion & Body Code

50% off one session for each referral who completes a session

Military & Veterans

20% off discount for any service