Find Your Perfect Balance

For thousands of years, people in different cultures talked about the life force that makes up the essence of all living things. In Chinese medicine, they call it “chi.” In yoga, they call it “prana.” Others use words like “vibrations,” “subtle energy,” “aura” or “Shakti”.

Basic Principles of
Energy Imbalance

The Latin root for the word “emotion” means “energy in motion.” Whether we see them as positive or negative, our lives are a continuous stream of emotions. Based on what we’re feeling in the present or what we’ve stored in the past, each emotion has its own frequency. Everything is energy, and our emotional energy affects our subtle energy body.

What Causes an
Energy Imbalance?

When we feel an emotion, our bodies generate a matching vibration. We experience the emotion, and then we process it. If we totally release it, all is well, but it’s hard to let go of difficult emotions. Distress can get buried and cause an emotional imbalance.

Emotional Imbalance and
Trapped Emotions

Our trapped emotions may be conscious or unconscious, but we relive them when we encounter a similar situation. When we get angry or sad from a new event, those old hurts show up again, making it even harder to process the new emotions.

An energy imbalance causes us to jump to conclusions, overreact, sabotage relationships and misread innocent situations. It contributes to anxiousness, fear, and poor focus, causing mental and physical discomfort and turmoil.

Energy Imbalance

Energy imbalance relief helps clear blockages and balance emotions. Many people may feel immediate relief or lightness after help. Getting rid of our old baggage could lead to better health, greater confidence and a more satisfying life. Emotion code sessions use the basic principles of energy imbalance to help restore your well-being.

Trapped emotions are bodies of energy, and they affect our mind, body and spirit. Energy relief can help individuals of all ages with sadness, stress and other issues. Even pets can benefit. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to find out how we can help you.