Trust, Betrayal, and Recovery

When an individual experiences a lack of trust in a relationship, it can manifest in a number of ways. For a married couple, this might look like infidelity. For a sibling relationship, it can manifest through a string of lies. Either way, it never feels good to be on the receiving end of blind betrayal especially with those you’ve been vulnerable with.

Trust and Betrayal

While it might be tempting to never trust anyone after you’ve experienced blind betrayal, there are ways to cope. You can go inward to see if there’s anything you could’ve seen coming. This will help you become more discerning in future relationships. Sometimes, trust and betrayal go hand in hand because a person didn’t pay attention to the signs. This doesn’t mean that the victim is to be blamed. However, when you’re a victim, you want to make sure you don’t remain one.

When you’ve experienced a lack of trust in a relationship, it only makes sense to learn what you can from the situation and move forward. By developing better intuition and paying attention to a person’s non-verbal cues, patterns, and conversations, it’ll be easier to tell when a person has a motive that’s harmful to you. After you’ve experienced an emotional betrayal, resist the temptation to become a recluse or develop a lack of trust for everyone in your life.

Overcoming a Lack of Trust

Since it’s easy to remain scarred when you’ve experienced a lack of trust or an emotional betrayal of sorts, you’ll want to take treatment seriously. Relief methods such as treatment and The Emotion Code may help you work through your trauma and get to the root of your issue. If you don’t get to the roots, you’ll always leave room for negative emotions to rebuild a barrier that keeps people out.

By employing methods similar to kinesiology and Reiki, The Emotion Code is a relief method administered by Christina Kim. Those who’ve suffered from PTSD, anxiety and depression have used this method. It’s even recognized by the HeartMath Institute and the American Medical Association. Consider this treatment as you move forward in eliminating the issues of past traumas and violent acts that led to a lack of trust and betrayal.

Learning to trust again can be challenging and takes work. When you recognize you need to heal and recover, though, contact us.