Dealing With Existential Dread

Existential dread is something that almost everyone goes through at some point in life, but they might not know it. It can feel like general anxiousness and fear but without something tangible to which the feelings can be attached. It is like free-floating anxiousness without an apparent cause. It can feel like life has lost all meaning and purpose.

What Is the Dread Emotion?

So, if you can’t define it clearly, what is existential dread? The dread emotion is something that someone feels when they expect to receive unpleasant consequences. For instance, if you did not study, you might dread getting back your test results. However, sometimes, people just begin experiencing the dread emotion for no apparent reason.

Is Dread an Emotion?

People often ask, is dread an emotion? The answer to this is, yes, dread is an emotion that is closely connected to fear. Existential dread often arises when someone starts examining their purpose and the meaning of life. They begin to question why they are here, and they can draw the conclusion that nothing in life has meaning for them. They begin to feel like their life has no purpose. The fear behind the dread is that you do not matter and that your life has nothing more to offer.

This feeling can lead to sadness, anxiousness, and poor focus. Sometimes, the feeling of existential dread can come after some type of turmoil or a life change. During these times, you might have lost something that gave you meaning before. It can be a transition between two phases in life, and you might need to find a new purpose, set new goals, and focus on new dreams to awaken the spark.

The Emotion Code

When you feel like life has lost its meaning, it can rob you of your happiness. It can feel like the depths of despair and lead to a general feeling of unhappiness. The Emotion Code uses techniques for clearing the heart wall to help you get relief from your feelings of dread. Call Christina Kim and schedule an appointment so that you can get on the road to a life filled with joy and purpose again.