Don’t Be A Slave To Fear

Our emotions play an integral part in how we interact with the world around us. Sometimes we are unaware of the myriad of feelings that we experience throughout the day. However, fear is one emotion that everyone can immediately distinguish.

The Oldest Emotion Known to Humans

Human beings have relied on fear to keep them safe from external threats and equip their bodies with the exact hormones needed to make a quick getaway. Before our modern lifestyles, our ancestors used reactions of fear to stay alive in dangerous conditions. Today, our stressors are far less fatal but a great deal more frequent. Occasionally, we become stuck in patterns of fear and are unable to lower the levels of cortisol produced in our bodies under stressful conditions. Excess cortisol has been noted to aggravate a long list of ailments, both physical and mental. Therefore, learning how to heal from fear is an effective way to reduce chronic excess cortisol in the body, thus, reducing the potential risks of developing chronic ailments.

Relief from fear contributes to a healthy body and a calmer mind. The benefits of a relaxed mind and body are endless. Fear also creates anxiety, and anxiety can often lead to depression. Science has unequivocally proven that the mind and body are connected. What affects one will affect the other.

How to Heal From Fear

Be calm with yourself, and remember that relief is well worth the effort. We can help you take the next steps with The Emotion Code.