Getting Over Guilt

At one time or another, everyone has days when they feel down. They have a low mood and feel blue and sad about something that has occurred. While some people feel pain and guilt over a relationship that ends or the passing of a loved one, these feelings of sadness ease over time. Feelings of guilt for any possible unkind words that were spoken usually become a distant memory as well.

The thing is, when these feelings of unhappiness and guilt linger, or even intensify, those suffering may not even know that they’ve ventured away from being sad and are now heading into depression. It’s common to not know how to feel better and let yourself move on. You might even find yourself on a guilt trip with no end in sight.

Defining Sadness

Defining sadness seems easy enough. If someone you love passes away, you may feel survivors guilt. You feel sad that they are gone, and you’re left to carry on living. Or, maybe things aren’t going well at work and you feel overwhelmed that you just can’t get things going in the right direction. You might have even been given a guilt trip by one of your colleagues if they were depending on you, but you dropped the ball.

As unpleasant as these situations are, you’re able to go forward, and the feelings of sadness disappear. Unfortunately, depression combined with feeling guilt isn’t that cut and dry.

Defining Depression

Depression is when the pain and guilt you feel over a negative experience don’t get better over time. In fact, the feelings of sadness only get worse, as seen in many causes of survivor’s guilt. In your heart, you know you aren’t to blame. However, you just don’t know how to get over guilt, which only leads to a downward spiral.

Depression, when left untreated, can lead to a variety of emotional and physical symptoms, which can make just getting out of bed too hard.

Finding Your Way Out

Knowing how to get over guilt isn’t something you inherently know. You need to be taught how to work through pain and guilt and get back to living a happy, productive life. The Emotion Code can release feelings of unhappiness and regret.

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