The Root Of Jealousy

Jealousy is such an ugly emotion and feeling. It’s also completely normal to experience jealousy at times. However, how you handle that feeling is paramount. Oftentimes, negative emotions are signals for an area that needs relief. When a person feels jealous of another person, it’s important to figure out how to control jealousy so that it doesn’t spring up again.

Success Breeds Jealousy

There are plenty of people who believe this. As a result, they are afraid to share their major accomplishments. It takes each person to recognize that it’s okay to cheer and root for others. When success breeds jealousy, it’s always a reflection of what’s been brewing in a person’s heart. When you’re busy and intentional about working on your own success, it’s a lot easier to be happy for someone else when they experience their own personal achievements and accomplishments.

Make a list of all of the things you’d like to do. Then, create some actionable plans to cross those goals off of your list. When you’re experiencing your own success, it’s much easier to rejoice when others do well. In fact, you’ll welcome the good news of others.

How to Control Jealousy

Your feelings will always change. Therefore, you don’t want to let them control you. Instead, you can learn to recognize an emotion when it arises. Get to the root of why it’s there, and talk yourself off of the ledge of self-sabotage and disdain for others.

You can also consider therapeutic treatments that can help you become more aligned with your emotions and needs. Administered by Christina Kim, the Emotion Code is an excellent method that may help in a range of areas such as clearing the heart wall, muscle testing, holistic cleansing, relief and scientific tone. It’s been compared to Nikken magnets and Reiki.

The Emotion Code is a relief practice for everyone. This includes vets with PTSD, kids with depression and pets with issues. It’s also perfect for moms, dads and young adults. If you fall into a category of people with stress and anxiety issues or people who feel stuck professionally, this practice may help you as well. It is recognized by the American Medical Association and the HeartMath Institute.

As you get to the core of your emotions, sort through them and learn how to handle them. It may become easier to handle negative emotions as they come. Consider treatment methods such as the Emotion Code where you may experience a breakthrough in your journey to emotional relief as it relates to jealousy and more. Contact Christina Kim to get started on your journey.