A Longing Heart

If you listen to any type of music or are familiar with poetry, you are probably familiar with the feeling of longing. This emotion can come in the form of nostalgia for the past, love, or a feeling of wanting something. It can be accompanied by a feeling of happiness or a feeling of sadness that borders on despair. If your longing is the latter, then it is time to put an end to the pain.

Nostalgia and Longing

The simple definition of longing is wanting something that is unattainable. This is quite different from wanting something that you can realistically have in the future. Nostalgia is a longing for something that you have lost in the past. This might be your childhood home or someone who is deceased.

Times of longing are more common during times of change when you might have a desire to return to a time when things were simpler. This can remind us that we had happy times in the past and can have them again. However, when you get stuck in memories of the past, it can prevent you from moving forward and realizing your dreams of today. Finding a way to achieve the end of longing allows you to move on with your life and find happiness in the present.

Longing for Love

Longing for love is another common experience. For those who are single, it can be a longing for the perfect partner and the feelings that you expect that you might experience. If you are in a relationship that does not meet your expectation, it can be a longing for an idealized partner or romance. Regardless of the form that it takes, longing for love can develop into sadness, depression, or feelings of hopelessness. When longing for anything has become destructive and all-consuming, the end of longing brings a sense of relief.

If you are experiencing longing for anything that is keeping you from moving forward, we recommend you consider the Emotion Code to help you work through your longing and experience more happiness in your life in the present.