Feelings of Being Aimless and Lost

Feeling lost and lonely can feel a lot like depression and sadness. You might feel numb, unmotivated to do the things that you used to enjoy. You might feel like you are drifting from task to task without direction, or you might feel as though you are unable to move or do anything at all. Everyone experiences that lost feeling from time to time, but if it stays, you might need help finding a new direction.

A feeling of being lost can come after a major life change, especially if it was unexpected. Some examples of times when feeling lost and confused are normal include a job loss, divorce, or loss of a loved one. Feeling lost in life is normal during times like these, but it should be short-lived, and soon, you should have your feet firmly in a new direction.

When Feeling Lost in Life Becomes Problematic

When the lost feeling persists, or you cannot pull yourself out of it, then it might be time to seek help. Feeling lost and confused can wreck your life and your health if it goes on for too long. Life transitions can be difficult, and sometimes, you need assistance getting through them.

Causes of Feeling Lost and Lonely

Sometimes, you might find yourself feeling lost when there has been no apparent event that triggered it. You just start feeling that way and cannot find a reason. You can feel lost if you no longer have the connection to your heart and what you want in life. This can be because you are living your life according to other people’s expectations. You might not even know that you are doing this.

When you are afraid of something like change, remaining stuck in the past or around toxic people can also leave you feeling lost and lonely and without direction. Feeling lost is like getting up every day and simply existing.

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