How To Overcome Overwhelm

There are plenty of people who live with overwhelming emotions on a regular basis. Because these individuals are used to being overwhelmed, they don’t consider the fact that they don’t have to live without this feeling. If this sounds like you, consider some of the ways you can deal with feeling overwhelmed.

Take a Timeout

If you’re in the midst of a stressful situation, take a moment to escape to a private space. Whether it’s the bathroom stall at work, a quiet nook in your home or the park down the street, take a moment for a breather. Take a few deep breaths. Listen to a relaxing song. Cry if you need to. A part of overcoming overwhelm means that you have to recognize that it’s there. Don’t suppress it.

Pace Yourself

As you continue to work on overcoming overwhelm, it’s good to slow down. If you’re constantly moving at a fast pace, it might be time to slow down and recognize that a slower pace will make you feel better. In many cases, people feel overwhelmed because they feel like they have to do everything at one time. Instead, look at your schedule, and be realistic about what you can actually do in one day. As you learn how to overcome overwhelm, you’ll recognize that pacing yourself through each task is a major part of the process.

Seek Help for Overcoming Overwhelm

Take note of your patterns. If you’re always overwhelmed, it’s time to go deeper. Consider seeing a therapist or receiving professional treatments when you’re trying to learn how to overcome overwhelm.

Another great idea to consider is the Emotion Code. It’s a relief practice that can work for everyone from vets with PTSD to children with depression. Whether you’re a parent, a person with stress and anxiety, or someone who feels stuck on a professional level, this treatment may help you. It’s administered by Christina Kim and is recognized by the American Medical Association and the HeartMath Institute as a viable treatment method.

You don’t have to live in a state of constant overwhelm and anxiety. Consider methods like the Emotion Code where you can potentially experience more emotional stability.