Can Your Pet Sense Your Emotions

Like humans, pets can be affected by traumatic events. They can also suffer depression and experience post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With energy work, though, pets can learn to embrace life again.

Pet Emotions

It’s important to pay attention to pet emotions. For one thing, their expressions of feelings are important clues as to what they are feeling and why. If your pet came from a shelter, there might have been abuse in its past, which means it may be depressed. If a previous owner died, your pet may be in mourning. There are many possible reasons for emotional distress, but there are a few ways to help.

Emotional Imbalances in Pet

If a pet, such as a dog, has gone through severe emotional trauma, the effects can be lasting. Some dogs go through military combat with their owners and may suffer PTSD after the war. Loud explosions, for example, may cause them to quiver with fear or hide under a bed. These kinds of emotional imbalances in pets are painful for your pet and probably difficult for you, as its owner, to witness.

There is a way to guide your favorite furry friend out of the darkness. With specific relief techniques, your pet can recover. Whether it’s from past abuse, abandonment, or living through a war, pets can learn to live a happy and healthy life again.

Can Pets Sense Emotions?

When we’re sick or sad, our pets can often sense this. This also means they can sense when we’re unhappy or angry with them. Does this affect them? Yes, it does. Daily anger towards a pet can mean they will emotionally suffer. The same is true if you’re sick. Your body’s chemical balance changes and dogs can expertly sniff this out. Sometimes, they will glue themselves to your side or feel the need to guard you if you’re injured. So, whether we’re sick, angry, or sad, our emotions easily get transferred over to our pets.

Dogs have a complex layer of emotions that humans can tap into. Do you have a pet who seems depressed, anxious or suffers from PTSD? We can help release these trapped emotions. Using Emotion Code, Christina Kim can release trapped emotions and potentially help your pet emotionally heal, get past paralyzing trauma and learn to enjoy life again. Contact us today to find out more.