Emotional Discomfort In A Professional Enviroment

Professionals, like everyone else, can experience a wide range of emotions. Their job can make them feel stressed, or they may even be feeling stuck professionally. The Emotion Code allows practitioners to explore the type of feelings and emotions for professionals that cause them emotional discomfort. It uses a process to release trapped emotions providing relief that may help stressed-out professionals feel better.

How Can The Emotion Code Help Professionals?

Many people feel trapped by emotions and memories that keep them from feeling fulfilled. The Emotion Code may enhance the physical and emotional wellness of professionals.

Who Can Use It?

Practitioners work with professionals who often have difficulty expressing their feelings of sadness, stress and anxiousness. Using it may help them express these feelings in a safe, supportive environment. The Emotion Code isn’t just for professionals, however. If you’re interested in enhancing your emotional well-being, contact us today to set up an appointment with Christina Kim.