Finding Relief From Sorrow

Sadness and sorrow are two negative emotions often triggered by tragic life events. Sadness can be described as feeling mournful, unhappy, or impacted by grief. Sorrow can be described as distress from loss, disappointment, or grief; a deep, sad secret; deep feelings or expressions of grief; and unhappiness or sadness. These two emotions are closely related to one another and, for the most part, are synonymous. However, sadness seems to pass more quickly than sorrow.

What Is a Crown of Sorrow?

Although a Google search for this term will reveal thousands of results for the Destiny 2 video game raid, that’s not the crown of sorrow that we are referring to here. This sorrow is an emotion that some individuals wear as a crown, almost like a badge of honor. They feel as if by holding on to this sorrow, it somehow makes them nobler in others’ eyes.

A crown of sorrow is not generally attached to a specific event, it’s more like a dark cloud that hangs over people, darkening many of their other moods.

Constant Sorrow

Constant sorrow is different. It is a pervasive emotion that takes over everything in people’s lives, like a horrible nightmare from which they just cannot awake.

Steps to Take to Remove Sorrow

You can take steps to remove sorrow from your life by using The Emotion Code and seeing an Emotion Code practitioner. The Emotion Code uses energetic therapies to help clear the negative emotions from your body to promote relief. You can read testimonials from the clients on our site to see what they have to say about their experiences with the Emotion Code..