What Is Balanced Emotions

When we repress emotions because they’re too distressing to deal with, they get stored in our bodies. Hidden so deep we aren’t aware of them, they lay in wait, zapping our energy and eventually leading to illness. Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor for more than 20 years, has developed a simple yet powerful method of energy improvement that helps release trapped energy and alleviate emotional wounds.

The Emotion Code®
and the Muscles

An electrical field of pure energy makes up and surrounds our bodies. When we do something that impacts our energy field, our muscles temporarily strengthen or weaken. If we’re exposed to emotional or mental stress for long periods of time, our muscles get tense. Researchers have linked chronic muscle tension with a wide range of psychosomatic complaints ranging from mood disorders and high blood pressure to sexual dysfunction and menstrual disorders.

Christina helps with energy improvement through the testing of muscles and release of toxic energy. Balancing has the potential to occur in various ways, including these:

  • Relief from distress or suffering
  • Better relationships
  • Abundance of success
  • Generational balancing
  • Animal balancing
  • Cessation of repeated emotional triggers

The Emotion Code® remedy is a four-step process:

  • Discovering the negative trapped emotion
  • Identifying the occurrence of the trapped emotion
    (if necessary for it’s release)
  • Releasing harmful emotions
  • Empowering physical and emotional balance by removing emotional barriers to physical and emotional wellness

The Emotion Code®
and the Heart Wall

According to the HeartMath Institute, the heart has a magnetic field that is 100 times stronger than the brain, and machines can detect it at least 3 feet from the body. It can “think” and “remember” things like heartache or joy. The Emotion Code® remedy operates on the principle that emotions like grief or anguish can cause the heart to wall itself off with a layer of energy, or a Heart Wall, to protect it from future heartaches.

With The Emotion Code®, the practitioner removes blocked emotions by identifying them and then magnetically stroking the governing vessel meridian, an energy pathway used by acupuncturists.

Dr. Nelson’s method is the only energy improvement practice designed to remove the Heart Wall. Contact us today to get more information or to schedule a session to help free your heart from blocked emotions.